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I’m Paul Stretton-Stephens, an expert coach with over twenty-five years coaching and teaching experience,

and I work with a range of individuals from Entrepreneurs to Celebrities, from CEO’s to Military Personnel, and from Sporting Talent to Epic Adventurers,

and I take them from where they are now to where they want to be–I help them achieve what otherwise would have been considered impossible.

My Mission

My mission in life is to leave the world a more interesting place for me having been here, and I especially relish working with those who can make a positive impact in our world.

Would that be you?

The chances are that you’re reading this because you’ve heard about me via a friend, relative or colleague. Whatever the case, welcome.

You see, I only work with two types of clients, those that inspire me and I invite to work with me, and those referred to me by friends, relatives or colleagues.

I'm Curious:

Do you passionately want to make a difference in life, society, or even the world?

Are you genuinely aiming high enough in your aspirations for you and those around you?

Are you unhappy with your humdrum life and know deep inside of you that life can be so much better?

Are you planning to make significant changes to your world?

Are you planning to make momentous changes to the world of others?

Are you prepared to let a setback stop you from moving forward towards your next success?

Are you truly leading by example?

These are just a few of the questions I may have for you if you were my client. In addition, I may ask:

Do You Have What It Takes to:

  • Change your world?
  • Be more successful?
  • Make that life-changing decision?
  • Increase your performance?
  • Surpass your personal best?
  • Change your mindset?
  • Create the performance of a lifetime?

Of course, you do, we all do!

Sometimes all we need is some coaching support along the way.


Imagine, what would your life be like if:

  • You were better understood?
  • You were better able to understand others?
  • You could make better decisions?
  • You could build better relationships?
  • You were to be more confident in life, work and play?
  • You could communicate with greater confidence?
  • You could recover from a setback?
  • You were to increase your performance at work or play?
  • You could eliminate the fear of failure?
  • You were to be motivated in times of discouragement?
  • You could increase your chances of succeeding in all you do?
  • You knew how to say, and mean, the magic word, ‘NO’?
  • You were to take charge of your life?

Imagine what it would feel like to achieve any of these?

What impact would a shift such as this do for you?

How would you get from where you are now to where you want to be in all aspects of your life?

And would you like some help with that?

Can I support you on your way to achieving your desires?

You see, many of my clients are ready to take that GIANT leap to realise their BIGGEST dreams, or to conquer their deepest fears; others are ready to bounce back from a setback and willing to embark upon the next magnificent challenge in their lives.

And, the good news is that they don’t have to achieve this alone.

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stay true to yourself

When I’m coaching my clients, many of them revise their values and we dig deep to discover what’s really important to them. Often they recognise personal qualities they either didn’t realise they had, or they’d forgotten about.

We always speak honestly and from the heart with one another, and my clients frequently grasp the learning from past errors and judgements. The upshot is, we work; we work hard and it requires commitment from both of us to achieve the desired outcomes.

So, if you’re ready to commit, I’m ready to serve you as your coach.

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Create the life you want and deserve.

Determine your tastes and preferences and don’t be afraid to show them. And be willing to embrace change.


Already successful?

Then maybe it’s time to unblock any fears or feelings of being trapped and create the steps to the next outstanding level in your professional life.


Whether you’re a mountaineer planning your next peak, a tennis player through to your next round, or part of a team about to row the Atlantic, maintaining an active healthy mindset is essential.

Coach Paul

I know that when choosing the ‘right coach’ you are going to want to know what their mindset is; what experiences they have had in their professional and personal life? You’re going to want to know if there’s a synergy between you and if you feel you could work with them on a deep impactful level, and in a safe and private environment. That’s why I’ve written an open and honest bio to help you determine this.

In the following biography I merely wish to illustrate for anyone I work with that I understand hardship, and what it’s like to feel helpless and break through those limitations; I understand life on many levels, I fully comprehend human challenges, and I’ve developed the wisdom to know what it takes to overcome them and come out the other end as an improved person, achieving your desired outcomes, and I can work with you to do the same.


Paul Stretton-Stephens

Personal & Professional Growth Coach, Author & Speaker

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Does this sound like something you would want to explore further? If so, why not apply to have a powerful conversation in a Discovery Session with me to see if we can work together and create the life, work, and play you’ve dreamed of?

To discover if we’re a good fit, contact me whenever you are ready.


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is priceless

My coaching clients are assured of:

  • A private and safe environment

  • Confidential conversations

  • Discretion at all times

  • Being challenged in a constructive manner

  • Me being straight with them without any sugar coating

  • An experience that can change their life

Are You Ready for This?

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The aim of this Project is to discover the underlying characteristics of optimistic philosophers (Optilosophers).

Definition of Optilosophy

  1. theory, attitude, or state of mind that when having considered nature of knowledge, reality, existence, and experience in conjunction with natural, moral, and metaphysical philosophies adopts a profound tendency or disposition towards a favourable and positive outlook.
  2. a state of being whereby one fully embraces a deep sense of hopeful confidence regarding future success and unbound possibilities in which positivity far outweighs negativity, and right utterly triumphs over wrong, resulting in the optimum environment for an enjoyable, fulfilling life. 


  1. A person who adopts or engages in a state of Optilosophy

Explore The Optilosophy Project here


Alternate Perspectives, Rock-Solid Mindsets, Increased Confidence, Lasting Change & the Creation of Compelling Futures.


Explore the possibilities of Deep Impact Coaching and how it would benefit you.


Are you an Optilosopher?
The aim of this Project is to discover the underlying characteristics of optimistic philosophers (Optilosophers).


Find out more about The Optilosophy Project and get involved today!


Book me to speak at your organisation today! More details here:


Book me to speak at your organisation today! More details here:


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