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As a leader, there are times when you realise that your current mindset is no longer serving you or that your competitors are outwitting, outperforming, and outmanoeuvring you. If this is the case for you, it’s time to take some action.

The nature and scope of the work that is possible in Future Mindset Coaching is determined by three things; the professional capability and personal capacity of the coach; the mindset, development, openness, and availability of the client; and the nature of the needs, desires and issues they bring.

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If you’re an elite sportsperson or epic adventurer you will want to reach and maintain a competitive edge when competing at an elite level of sporting competition or challenge? Training and practicing centres around improving the physical and technical skills of your discipline to perform well, whereas we may put aside very little time to work on your mindset, this is a separate issue altogether.

Yet, it is crucial to focus on this if you consistently want to reach the peak of your potential. Partnering with a Future Mindset Coach who is fully conversant with human development from a physical and mental performance perspective is key to success, whether it be achieving your personal best or completing a world record challenge.

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I’m going to tell you one of the world’s best-kept secrets…Mindset is everything!

How you deal with self-doubt, lack of focus, procrastination, fear of failure, or thinking too small determines YOUR future.

When you face adversity in your life, a mindset coach can assist you in turning things around. In fact, you will be astounded by what can be achieved from the mindset coach/client partnership where both give 100% effort 100% of the time.

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the best version of yourself

When I’m coaching my clients, many of them revise their values and we dig deep to discover what’s really important to them. Often they recognise personal qualities they either didn’t realise they had, or they’d forgotten about.

We always speak honestly and from the heart with one another, and my clients frequently grasp the learning from past errors and judgements. The upshot is, we work; we work hard and it requires commitment from both of us to achieve the desired outcomes.

So, if you’re ready to commit 100% all in, I’m ready to serve you as your coach.

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Coach Paul

I know that when choosing the ‘right coach’ you are going to want to know what their mindset is; what experiences they have had in their professional and personal life? You’re going to want to know if there’s a synergy between you and if you feel you could work with them on a deep impactful level, and in a safe and private environment. That’s why I’ve written an open and honest bio to help you determine this.

In the following biography I merely wish to illustrate for anyone I work with that I understand hardship, and what it’s like to feel helpless and break through those limitations; I understand life on many levels, I fully comprehend human challenges, and I’ve developed the wisdom to know what it takes to overcome them and come out the other end as an improved person, achieving your desired outcomes, and I can work with you to do the same.


Paul Stretton-Stephens

Future Mindset Coach, Author & Speaker

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To discover if we’re a good fit, contact me whenever you are ready.


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is priceless

My coaching clients are assured of:

  • A private and safe environment

  • Confidential conversations

  • Discretion at all times

  • Being challenged in a constructive manner

  • Me being straight with them without any sugar coating

  • An experience that can change their life

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