Barbora Strycova’s coach gave a critical appraisal of her opponent, Jo Konta’s performance in the Wimbledon quarter-finals.

Leading by 4-1 in the first set the British No 1 Konta gave way to Strycova’s relentless pursuit and was left looking rather lackluster.

Strycova’s coach Lukas Dlouhy summed up Konta’s performance, “She didn’t change anything, that’s why she lost.” 

And that’s what I want you to home in on in this short post, those words, “She didn’t change anything, that’s why she lost.”

Think about those words. Could anyone have ever said this about you? About any event in your life?

Are you stuck in a dead-end job, left wanting for more and yet haven’t changed anything, yet?

Have you stayed in a relationship that you don’t want to part of because you haven’t changed anything?

Are you doing something you don’t want to do anymore because you haven’t changed anything?

If so, you are not unique. We’ve probably all been in a similar position in our lives. It’s the ones who recognise that overwhelming stuck feeling and take massive action to move on to better things that are the ones to succeed in whatever they’re doing.

Don’t give anyone the chance to say about you, ‘They didn’t change anything, that’s why they lost.’

Believe me, You Can take MASSIVE action in your life now, today!

Here are 5 simple steps to get you on your way:

  1. Think things through. You’ve probably done this a million times yet something has held you back. But this time think as if there are NO limits because there are no limits.
  • Talk your plan through with a confident, mentor, or coach. Better still get them to help you in the next steps.
  • Create a goal that works for both you on the inside and in your external environment. Does your goal feel right for you? Does it sit with your values? Will it work when considering your current external environment?
  • Develop a workable plan to achieve your goal. If this is new to you don’t worry, there are plenty of resources to help in this area. You only have to look or ask in the right place. 
  • Works towards your goal and become accountable for every step of the way.

Now, you’ve read these steps, and yes, they are rather simplified, yet they are forward moving steps. Your first part in all of this is to make that all-important decision to take action to create the change you want.

So, what’s your decision? Are you going to procrastinate a little more or are you going to act now?




Oh, you’re still here!

What are you waiting for?

Go and Take Massive Action NOW!

And, let me know how it’s going?