I’m the first to admit that I love visiting spas, I love the massages, the Turkish bath, the sauna, even the dreaded Scottish shower, and the array of treatments on offer. And the flow of multi-directional and varied water pressures on my body is just magical. And finally, I adore the extraordinary calmness and tranquillity that envelopes me because of a visit, don’t you? I mean you like all of this and your state changes for the better for having experienced it, right? And exactly how long does that state last, hours, days, weeks, or even months? 

Was it a short-term pleasurable experience for you, one that you’ll repeat as often as you can? If it was, I don’t blame you. I mean who wouldn’t?

But did your mind get as much attention as your body? I mean, what did you really get out of it in the long term for your mind, other than short-lived peace and tranquillity and the memory of the wonderful experience? I wonder would you benefit from a kind of ‘Mind Spa’; an experience whereby you get to face your fears, set your goals, meet your challenges, develop a rock-solid mindset, and create lasting change? Plus, you could just plan for and set out on the pathway to living your dreams. Does this sound good to you? Well, the ‘Mind Spa’ is an ideal metaphor for coaching and it’s as available to you as the spa experience is.

The coaching experience plunges you into the ice-cold depths to discover those fears, and you could get a little hot and bothered as your coach challenges your limiting beliefs, and as you relax while removing the toxins from your body in the Turkish bath, insights may appear allowing you to move forward and take the plunge, immersing yourself in your dreams. As you lay on the table for your massage and masseur sets to work, your muscles react like your mind, they become unknotted akin to any confusion in your mind as it dissipates, the slow deep penetration of the larger muscles allows the tissue to relax and encourage waste products to leave just as setbacks are seen for what they are, paving the way to clarity and compelling futures. When the experience, the coaching experience that is, is complete you feel fresh, revitalised, and ready to live your dreams.

So, the next time you plan on visiting a spa, why not treat yourself to some coaching too?

Paul Stretton-Stephens

Personal and Professional Coach. Author and Speaker

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