To be or not to be? 

STOP, wait a minute! This is not even a question that we should be asking. You see, we have no choice; we owe it to ourselves to make our BEING experience the BEST experience ever. 

What’s stopping you doing that RIGHT NOW?

I truly believe that we owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to be the best we can be in all aspects of our life, work, and play. Striving for attainment is a good thing and sure, we all get knocked down once in a while and we just have to get up and carry on, learning lessons from the fall. In doing so, we build our resilience intending to avoid the next fall altogether or at least bouncing back from it quicker, with a better attitude and a mind that is wiser for the event.

Let me offer you an account of what happened to me.

I learned how to increase my resilience after my second spinal surgery on the same herniated disc. My, it was painful, and it left me with no feeling in my lower left leg for two-plus years, and no job. Yes, I had to leave the job I loved as a Physical Education Instructor. I had to walk using a splint and elbow crutches for short distances and a wheelchair for longer ones. I recall the day the doctor told me I’d have to get used to the elbow crutches because I was going to be on them for a long time. I was mortified, and my immediate reaction was to REFUSE TO ACCEPT what the doctor had told me!

The days, months, and years that followed were filled with physical and emotional challenges that have, in hindsight, helped make me the man I am today. I must say that this has been supported by a wonderful piece of revolutionary pain killing technology called a neurostimulator which is implanted into the body and wired into the spine. I can control this by an external remote control with which I can switch it on and off and up and down depending upon any level of pain. This device helped change my life.
Okay, I have had fantastically good and unbelievably bad days along the way, and even today the nerve endings in my left foot are a little numb but I can cope with that. The fact is, I’m fortunate in that I no longer need to walk with elbow crutches and I don’t use a wheelchair, I CAN WALK! And while I’m stating my particular experience here, I know that there are many people, who for whatever reason cannot physically achieve this. And for those amazing individuals, I sincerely hope that medical science and technology can provide hope and workable solutions. They make advances at an increasing rate and we never know what will be available tomorrow.

With the support of my wonderful wife and my trusty neurostimulator, I learned resilience through arduous physical and mental activity and one lamppost at a time. Yes, I walked the distance from one lamppost to another on my street, and then two lampposts until I could walk half of the street. It took me months and months and months. And then I started on the rest of the lampposts in the street until I could do them all. I bounced back and so can you. I was a determined person with a CAN-DO attitude who strived for the best experience in life.

These days, as I walk down the street, I occasionally smile at lampposts with a knowing smile and I’m hoping that after you’ve read my story above you’ll understand why and not think I’m too weird?

As you can see from this abridged account, I have a unique understanding of what it takes to get back up after a huge setback and I’m here if you need a little help along the way with any issues you are encountering.

Contact me when you’re ready, I’m here: