I’m often asked questions around a kind of code of qualities to live by and these questions often lead to some very insightful conversations. These experiences lead me to believe that there should be, for some people at least, a set of qualities that one could follow as a code to live by. In fact, I’m sure that many such codes/maps have been proposed over the years.

As an exercise to address this, I have attempted to blend traditional qualities with modernity and narrowed the field down to eleven qualities as follows.


Rectitude – Follow and demonstrate a good moral compass

Courage – summon the strength to be brave when needed

Compassion – Practice empathy and kindness

Honour – Be noble in your thoughts, words & actions

Loyalty – Be reliable, dependable, and devoted

Honesty – Be honest and sincere in all of your actions

Happiness – Be happy and find happiness in all you do

Humility – Be always humble and modest

Graciousness – Be cordial and tactful on all occasions

Grateful – Appreciate all you have and all you are able to offer

Example – Lead by example at all times

I’d be love to know if you would add any more qualities, amend any of them or have any comments on those proposed?

Please use the comments box below, thank you.

Image credit: John Hain for Pixabay