‘Flexibility is a key quality of life to accomplish success’
Paul Stretton-Stephens

Are their times in your life and work where after the event you feel that you could have had a better result?

Are their times where you’ve thought to yourself, ‘If only I hadn’t been so rigid in my thoughts and approach?’

Focusing our attention on a single aspect of our life can help us improve and attain our desired results.

Here are some simple actions to help you start to develop more flexibility in all you do.


1. STOP and think about 3 past situations where you could have been more flexible and how that would have helped you and others. WRITE THESE DOWN.

2. Now think of 3 future situations where you can be more flexible–WRITE THEM DOWN.

3. Now think about how you can be more flexible in each of those future situations–WRITE YOUR THOUGHTS and a plan for each of them.

4. When the time comes for you to be more flexible, remember what you have planned and after the event ask yourself, ‘Was I more flexible and did that help me and others around me?’

5. After reviewing, adjust your plan as necessary and repeat it on the next occasion.

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