I was out shopping with my wife the other day and one of the shop assistants was just oozing with curiosity. She noticed and commented upon my wife’s bag which is emblazoned with the words’ Roger That’ a clear reference to her tennis idol Roger Federer. Then she noticed and commented upon my wife’s credit card protector cover. This young lady was bright, cheerful and just plain curious about her surroundings.

This experience was a great example of the benefits of curiosity. Research shows that:

  • Curious people are happier and are associated with higher levels of positive emotion.
  • Curiosity helps us survive and enable us to explore our ever-changing world and seek out new things.
  • Curiosity can help develop relationships–Research shows that curious people are warm and attractive in conversational exchanges.
  • Curiosity helps develop business. When businesses, especially consultants, coaches, doctors et cetera are genuinely curious about their customer’s needs it can help them be better informed and able to adjust
  • Curiosity can help us develop our empathy with others where we become better able to understand the perspectives of others.
  • Curiosity makes your mind active rather than passive.
  • Being curious opens up your world to a whole host of new possibilities.

How are you curious?

What can you do to be more curious today?

Sources: Emily Campbell at UC Berkeley and Donald Latumahina – Life Hack

Photo Credit: Alexas Fotos