I’m Mo O’Brien Transatlantic Rower and Double World Record Holder having completed the 2019 Talisker Atlantic Challenge and here is my testimonial after working with Paul Stretton-Stephens, Future Mindset Coach.

Due to distance our sessions were held over the telephone. I get stressed with communication because of my hearing disability and I felt, with the assistance of my hearing technology that the sessions were very successful. In addition to that, I liked the way that Paul had the ability to put me at ease. He has a nice clear speaking voice and always slowed down whenever I asked him to.

It was very clear from the outset that Paul works hard to help the client achieve results. I found his methods and approach to my problems very helpful, giving me different views and ways of looking at things.

I did achieve my goals and used his methods many times on my challenge.

I rowed across the Atlantic with 2 other ladies, we didn’t fall out once even though confined in a very small space for 49 days, we worked well together at all times and succeeded in what we set out to achieve also breaking 2 records.  I also drove to Gatwick, flew to Copenhagen to give a presentation, flew back and drove back to Cornwall alone which is something I couldn’t have done previously, I relied too much on others to communicate for me. 

I now feel I am able to tackle anything by myself, I’ve gained confidence and know that you achieve nothing by not trying.  At least if you try you haven’t failed and there is always a way around problems.

I would recommend Paul’s services, he made me feel at ease, he had the ability to make me dig deeper for answers than I have done previously.  He made suggestions that are helpful and has ways and strategies for dealing with personal obstacles that are useful in many situations.

I was happy with the way we worked and personally I wouldn’t change anything.

Paul’s a nice guy who’s experienced a lot in life.  He knows what he’s doing and his aim is to help people get the best out of their lives and situations by removing fears and inhibitions.  Paul is easy to work with and at no time did I feel stupid for voicing my fears.

I found Paul’s advice easy to use and very valuable.  Although at the time I was thinking specifically for our Atlantic row, I can use his methods for other situations and will do. I am very grateful that I was introduced to Paul and will certainly contact him again for help and advice if needed.