Hello and welcome to YOUR BEST FUTURE.

I want to introduce you to today’s special guest Susan Wheeler, Entrepreneur, Coach & Author.

My guest today is a world-class overcomer. She did not have the means to attend college, so instead, she became a life-long entrepreneur who went on to build an eight-figure sales organization with her online nutrition company.

At age 34, a debilitating accident shattered her pelvis and broke her back, yet Susan bounced back and became a competitive runner in her early 40’s. To date, she has run more than 25 marathons, half-marathons, and ultra-marathons.

She is most passionate about inspiring people to slay their excuses and reach their full potential. She is a certified mindset coach and speaker, reminding people that it’s never too late to change your life. She is the lucky Mom of four adult children and grandmother to seven beautiful grandchildren.

She says that having a family makes you look at your legacy in a different light. What’s important? What kind of life do you want to live? How do you want to be remembered?

Although she is a leader in many areas of her life, being the leader of her family is one of her most important roles.

She says that leading your family is where you work the hardest and receive the greatest rewards.

In this episode, you will hear…

✅   How Susan was motivated to race

✅   How much family means to her

✅   How she came to write her book, The Lemonade Diet

✅   How Susan became an entrepreneur

✅ How building resilience was important for Susan

✅   What Susan means in her quote, “The only way to have a good life is to have a great mindset.”

And much, much more.

Take a listen to understand Susan’s motivations, the things most important to her, her mindset, and her words of wisdom that might just help you Craft Your Best Future!

Many thanks to Susan Wheeler, Entrepreneur, Coach & Author.

The Lemonade Diet by Susan Wheeler

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