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I want to introduce you to today’s special guest Trish (Tucker) May, Nutritionist of the Year 2019, and Gut Specialist.

Trish is an Australian who lives in the UK. She is a mum of 2 boys and is a qualified nutritionist and the founder of Passion 4 Juice – a mobile juice business in Australia and the UK.

Trish uses practical wholefood recipes, natural remedies, and ancient wisdom so you can get your sparkle back and live life to the full.

Here’s a little of her story:

By her 12th emergency visit to A&E she knew something had to change.  She had over a dozen visits to hospital as an adult.  By 12 times in less than 6 months was beyond serious.  She was heavily reliant on a wide range of medication for asthma and allergies.  Trish carried 3 types of puffers anti-histamines and an Epipen for emergency adrenaline. The medications she was taking for pain, hay fever, allergies, asthma, and regular bouts of bronchitis were no longer working.

Nutrition is how she transformed her life from a sickly, asthmatic, and highly allergic young woman to a healthy and thriving, medication free, fifty-year-old woman. She is fitter, stronger and healthier than she has ever been. In addition, Trish has been juicing for 37 years now. She has been medication free for 18 years. Trish feels purpose, joy, love and enjoys deep sleep and strength. She no longer feels puffy, resentful, irritated, wheezy, sneezy and angry.

She never dreamed that all of her problems were because of candida, parasites, blood flukes and Lyme disease. She asked herself, how could all the doctors she had seen over decades not be able to pick this up?

Trish knew from that moment on she would dedicate her life to helping others feel the same relief and gratitude when they get the help they have been looking for. Trish didn’t want to waste another moment and she dedicated the next 18 years to helping people find the answers to their unwanted health challenges.

Trish now helps people get their lives back to the point where they feel fulfilled and happy again. She uses practical wholefood recipes, natural remedies, and ancient wisdom so you can get your sparkle back and live life to the full.

In this episode, you will hear…

In this episode, you will hear…

✅   Why Trish sought the help of a nutritionist herself

✅   How Trish works with both men and women 

✅   Why people must look beyond 5 portions of fruit and vegetables daily

✅   How Trish is like a ‘Food Detective’
✅   How Trish works with people to obtain vibrant living

✅   Why Trish is fascinated by the link between gut health & hormonal balance

✅   How Trish helps peri-menopausal and menopausal women

✅   One of Trish’s favorite quotes from Hippocrates, “All disease starts in the gut”.  

And much, much more. 
Take a listen to help you understand how you fuel your body affects your life, effective solutions to food issues, and how a nutritionist can help you in so many ways.

Many thanks to Trish Tucker May, Award-winning Nutritionist, and Gut Health Specialist.

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