My wife and I went on our daily walk this morning along the coast where we are lucky enough to live. Being autumn, they forecast sunshine and showers and we dressed for the occasion. Midway through our walk, we grabbed a coffee to go and within minutes it rained heavy. We sheltered on a sea-facing bench alongside a small building with an overhang.


As usual, my wife described the detail of the scene in front of us because of my current visual impairment. I could perceive that the light had changed from light pastel colours to a dark eerie grey on the move. My wife mentioned the once defined horizon had blurred into insignificance. I could hear the raindrops impact the pathway, the nearby waste bins, and the coats of the passers-by. The wind speed increased ever so slightly as did the change of light. I could hear a dog on a lead shaking its soaking matted coat as it caught up with its owner. Interestingly, some people sped up, presumably in an effort to get out of the rain, while others meandered without a care. The sound of the odd car passing on a wet surface and through a puddle came and went. I could smell the rain. I touched drops on my coat with a finger and tasted the moisture and it was vaguely salty.


The rain was a refreshing experience that hit all of my senses. I purposefully allowed myself to absorb the experience with a view to relating some meaning and I find myself relating it to life itself.

When we allow ourselves to be fully present in the moment. When we allow our senses to perceive that which surrounds us, we have a much richer experience. In life, light appears, the lines occasionally become blurred, and whether or not we like it, darkness befalls most of us at some point, however briefly. And like those who sped up to get out of the rain, it’s how we deal with the darkness that matters. It’s how we reach out and aim for the light that’s sets us apart.

Those that meander regardless of what surrounds them may have just a little more resilience than others or they may find the experience a refreshing one offering an alternative perspective.

Winds of Life

The wind in our life may be absent from time to time and while some experience bliss in this state, others long for even a gentle breeze to create some movement in their lives. It can get gusty for most of us from time to time and depending on the direction we can deal with it easily or not so easily. Walking into a headwind is rarely a choice one makes yet navigable if needed. And then sometimes it’s gale force and our instinct is to seek shelter and keep out of the way; to keep our heads down. And then, as evidenced this morning, this too will pass. And the rain did pass leaving us a reminder of its presence, albeit temporary, like some states of mind that dwell within us each and every day. It’s amazing what rain can say when we listen, isn’t it? 

When was the last time you fully absorbed a moment with all of your senses?