Here you will find kind words of appreciation from some of the extraordinary people I have had the privilege of working with.

“Paul is a true professional. He is able to walk with you on the journey as you self reflect or turn over a problem in your mind. He helps you see things from different angles and explore different possibilities whilst giving you the autonomy to solve your own problems or reach your own conclusions. I found his insight to be invaluable.”

Kelly S.

“Paul, you were willing to share your experience with me when I needed it most and you fully supported me in the achievement of my desires. I always found it easy to ask for your support as you’re easy to talk to and approachable. Moreover, you have a genuine dedication to your work.”

S. Neville

“There is an incredible value in working with Paul. He is very easy to work with and his mind is always open. He listens deeply to what you have to say and subtly takes your ideas and suggestions and enables you to make decisions that help you grow.

Working with him has made me be a better person as he taught me to see problems from different perspectives before deciding which is the best direction to go in. Paul also has an incredible heart, and he treats you as you were his own family. I have learned a lot working with him both personally and professionally.”

Laura G.

“I worked with Paul during my transition to living and working in Spain. Paul’s help was invaluable in helping me settle into my new environment. Paul encouraged me and helped me develop my skills to maximise the opportunities presented to me at my new employment. I was able to share my concerns with Paul and we worked together to improve my style and approach thus ensuring I could fulfill my potential.”

Paul’s previous experience helps him guide others to a successful road.

Les Golding

“Paul was always generous with his time, no issue being too big or too small to deal with. He used his experience to support and help me, his guidance always came with a listening ear and an open mind.”

A. Hilton

“Paul is an enthusiastic, passionate and sincere coach that tirelessly worked with me to boost my performance for an important international competition. Paul took a holistic approach to coaching; worked on advancing my public speaking abilities, building my confidence and strengthening my executive presence.

Paul treats each client uniquely and adapts his coaching to the style that works best for each of us. When coaching me, he worked on understanding my particular point of departure and developed a targeted approach to fit my needs and learning preferences, showing commitment to my development plan and accommodating the rhythm to fit my particular ramp-up period.

Paul goes the extra mile in coaching and fully empathises with his clients. During our time together, he made sure he knew the underpinning motivations of each person in our group and strived to make the learning an enjoyable and enduring experience by deploying creative, original coaching strategies that accommodated each person.

Communication was always fluid and transparent – he provided constructive criticism when required and praised our work when we performed at our full potential.

At the end of the day, it was definitely worth the effort. More important than securing a podium in our competition, something we definitely would not have achieved without Paul’s dedication, Paul taught me skills that I have since then carried with me to other spheres of my life, including my job, for which I will always be grateful.

I recommend Paul as a coach to anyone; his passion, dedication, creativity, empathy, and drive for results will ensure success to any of his clients’ endeavors.”

Candela Gasco

“I have had the privilege of working with Paul. He is one of the most exceptional educators I have met. In his dedication and passion in his role, he constantly helped me to improve and feel valued. Paul is a charismatic, ethical, creative, reliable and gifted person, for whom I have the utmost respect and appreciation.

In my position, it was a huge help to count on a professional who truly understands systems, subject particularities, individual needs, and problem-solving.

Paul was always efficient in leading our meetings and quick thinking about possible solutions, all this making me feel supported throughout. Our meetings were always planned, pursuing clear objectives, and communication was fluent and easy. Paul is a good listener, flexible and open-minded; his clarity and concision when explaining made information flow and our meetings more productive.

I learnt a lot working with Paul. Through sharing his expertise and invaluable experience, Paul contributed to my improving my communication skills and to the development of my creative thinking and self-confidence.

Paul is very personable with a natural capacity to see a person’s talent and is always ready to adapt to changing circumstances.”

Silvia Navarro

Working with Paul Stretton-Stephens was one of my best professional experiences. He makes you feel that your views are important, and he is always eager to listen and to hear your point of view, your opinion and even your suggestion.

He trusted in me which made me more confident and improved my self-esteem. Paul was always clear and there was no room for ambiguity or misunderstanding which made my tasks easier and I always was sure that I was on the right track.

His positive attitude and openness made for a great environment where he openly encouraged dialogue and communication. His way was transparent and you could trust him implicitly. I especially loved it when he shared his personal experiences with me which made me understand that those simple and so well-known “never give up” or “nothing is impossible” actually work and Paul is, indeed, the great proof of these slogans.

Zhenia S.

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