Face-to-Face Deep Impact Coaching


Many of my clients are ready to take that GIANT leap to realise their BIGGEST dreams, or to conquer their deepest fears; others are ready to bounce back from a setback and willing to embark upon the next magnificent challenge in their lives. And, the good news is that they don't have to achieve this alone.

Face to Face Deep Impact Coaching


I’m selective in that I’ll only work with clients that excite and inspire me. And I only coach a small number of clients face to face in a year, in fact, most of my coaching these days is conducted over the telephone, Zoom, Skype or other video facilities. If you prefer the latter option please read more here.

How Face to Face 1:1 Deep Impact Coaching Works

All my confidential coaching programs are personalized according to your needs and are planned with you.

My clients work with me for either 3, 6, or 9 months at a time.

A typical example program consists of:

Client led coaching sessions of  2 hours duration.

Coaching sessions are usually every two weeks with self-directed work in between sessions and support from me via email, Google docs, messenger or a video or telephone call if needed.

An agreed number of ‘Coaching First Aid Calls (CFACs)’ are available for those times when you just need a listening ear or have a question about your homework.

With my Deep Impact Coaching:

We’ll explore your ‘real’ dreams, take them further than you thought possible, and set to creating real possibilities out of them.

I’ll listen to you profoundly and work with you deeply. I’ll guide you through the process of interrupting and removing any unwanted habits, patterns, or fears paving the way for the creation of new outcomes, thoughts, and behaviours.

We’ll also tackle any mental blocks or setbacks that may be preventing you from moving forward towards your desired outcomes.

And, we’ll work according to your pace, needs, and desires.

Accordingly, you will begin to create the desired outcomes for your future.

The commitment required by you:

Quiet, uninterrupted time for the coaching sessions.

Turn up on time and ready to work in all coaching sessions

Time set aside for focused work in between sessions.

A minimum financial investment of £4, 499.00 plus any agreed expenses.

(Payment is upfront and in full)

Installment plans are available upon request and are subject to fees. (UK only)

However, you must be prepared to invest more than money in this opportunity.

You must also invest your energy, your time, and your dedication in creating something so highly powerful in your life that it will have a significant and lasting impact on your world, and those around you.

Please Note: My face-to-face clients are usually based in the UK. I am, however, prepared to travel if need be and in the case of such a request we can discuss travel expenses and a modification of coaching delivery hours to suit.


If you are interested in me coaching you, I’m willing to set aside a 2-hour Deep Impact Discovery Coaching Session for you at zero cost.

Please note: This is an actual coaching session for you, not a sales pitch.

During this session, we’ll have a deep and impactful coaching conversation where I will work with you as you discover the possibilities in your life and work towards those.

This no obligation, no hard sell session also provides both of us with the opportunity to see if we are a good match to work together. If I don’t think that we are a good match, I will tell you.

Book your Discovery Coaching Session Today!

WARNING: Deep Impact Coaching is seriously powerful and can change your life forever. Are you ready for this?

Let’s talk when you’re ready to transform your life

What is a Discovery Session?

My clients create powerful results.

Case 1

Ian was a struggling manager who had recently been promoted. We worked together for 6 months during which Ian became free of his old mindset and adopted new perspectives in his new role. Our work together continued and Ian expanded his department and was invited to attend a senior managers promotion course.

Case 2

Ann, a highly competent trainer had been absent from work because of ill health. She was nervous about returning and felt she had lost her ‘magic touch’. We worked together to regain Ann’s confidence and build her dreams. They were big dreams and seemed a million miles away and out of Ann’s grasp. After 9 months of coaching, Ann felt confident enough to set up her own training company and now employs her own trainers and works hours to suit her lifestyle.

Case 3

Drew had an opportunity to achieve one of his biggest goals, to work abroad doing what he loved best, coaching tennis. Someone had offered him the job out of the blue and although he desperately wanted the job something was holding him back, yet the reason eluded him. We worked together deeply to discover his real fears and the revelations that took place were astounding. Having flown many times Drew had become increasingly nervous about flying, so much so he was considering turning down his dream job. He was in effect sabotaging his dream. Alongside this particular fear, it was also revealed that Drew didn’t feel worthy of such an opportunity. Needless to say, that after our coaching sessions, Drew is in his dream job and actively looking for his next overseas opportunity.

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