Future Mindset Mastery for Sport & Adventure

Future Mindset Mastery for Sport & Adventure

If you’re an elite sportsperson or epic adventurer you will want to reach and maintain a competitive edge when competing at an elite level of sporting competition or challenge? Training and practicing centres around improving the physical and technical skills of your discipline to perform well, whereas we may put aside very little time to work on your mindset, this is a separate issue altogether. Yet, it is crucial to focus on this if you consistently want to reach the peak of your potential. Partnering with a Future Mindset Coach who is fully conversant with human development from a physical and mental performance perspective is key to success, whether it be achieving your personal best or completing a world record challenge. The attainment of the psyche needed to facilitate that competitive edge and sustain it, either in the face of defeat or adversity while consistently driving for success awaits you.

Future Mindset Mastery for Adventure

What are the Possibilities?

I can provide highly individualised coaching to support you and your sports coach/mentor in the following areas:

  • Performer Identity
  • Banishing Imposter Syndrome
  • The Family – An integrated Team Mindset
  • Supporting the Game Plan
  • Adopting a Growth Mindset within the Future Mindset
  • Getting into and maintaining the zone
  • Body Mind Aware
  • The disciplined mind and body
  • The under-pressure mind
  • Enhanced decision making
  • Personal Leadership

Services on Offer

  • Virtual Workshops for sports clubs, teams, and players on developing a winning Future Mindset for improved performance and longevity
  • Future Mindset Coaching for individuals and teams


1:1 Coaching at Future Mindset Mastery with Paul Stretton-Stephens

Insights and Wonders are Regular Occurrences for My Clients.

And it’s how they act upon them that sets them apart from others.

My clients tend to start from a set of key points:

  1. They’re already successful in their discipline
  2. They dream of BIGGER better things
  3. They want more and don’t quite know what that means for them
  4. They’re recovering from a setback
  5. They’re ready to move to the next level for their next magnificent achievement

If you recognise yourself in any of these key points, we definitely need to talk.

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Remote Coaching for Sport & Adventure with Paul Stretton-Stephens at Future Mindset Mastery

I’ve coached many people face-to-face and some clients prefer that but there is no doubt that telephone and video coaching is:

Efficient, Effective, and Productive

I started telephone coaching many years ago with clients who were out of my geography, were time poor, or both. It proved so effective (as effective as face-to-face coaching) that most of my practice is now taken up with a range of virtual coaching programs via various technologies. It means that I can serve people like you wherever you are in the world.

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The Gold Call– One-off Coaching Solution

This is a great coaching solution for you if:

– You’re up against time and need a catalyst

– You need help to face a challenge or obstacle

– You’re open to new possibilities and insights today

– You need honest feedback with no sugar coating

– You require some quick, focused support

You may want me to work with you on a specific issue because you’re up against it time-wise or maybe the issue is current and you need someone to bring the best out of you today and not tomorrow. I understand that, and I’m here to help you cut to the chase and get to the real essence of the matter in a short time; after all, that’s what I do.

There are always times when we all need spurring on and seek that extra impetus to ignite and fire up our genius, insight, and ingenuity, so we can bring our best self to any setback, challenge, or venture.

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 Your Best Future Group Coaching Program

Group Coaching with Paul Stretton-Stephens, Future Mindset CoachHow it works

The Your Best Future Coaching Program lasts for 3-months with a

Minimum of 3 persons, and a Maximum of 6 persons thus ensuring you get the maximum benefit from the program

The program consists of:

6 x Live Group Coaching Calls (Zoom) 90-minute sessions

2 x individual 1:1 60-minute coaching sessions

3 x Self-Integration Weeks

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