Gold Call —The One-Off Coaching Solution

The Gold Call Service—One-Off Coaching Solution


This is a great coaching solution for you if:

  • You require a fresh perspective
  • You’re up against time and need a catalyst
  • You need help to face a challenge or obstacle
  • You’re open to new possibilities and insights today
  • You need honest feedback with no sugar coating
  • You require some quick, focused support

or you might just want to pick my brains for a while!

My clients tell me that there is real gold, real treasures to be had in these intense one-off calls!

Some kind words of appreciation from another extraordinary person I have had the privilege of working with:


“Paul is a true professional. He is able to walk with you on the journey as you self-reflect or turn over a problem in your mind. He helps you see things from different angles and explore different possibilities whilst giving you the autonomy to solve your own problems or reach your own conclusions. I found his insight to be invaluable.”
Kelly S.


You may want me to work with you on a specific issue because you’re up against it time-wise or maybe the issue is current and you need someone to bring the best out of you today and not tomorrow. I understand that, and I’m here to help you cut to the chase and get to the real essence of the matter in a short time; after all, that’s what I do.

There are always times when we all need spurring on and seek that extra impetus to ignite and fire up our genius, insight, and ingenuity, so we can bring our best self to any setback, challenge, or venture.

 How Does it Work?


You’ll be furnished with an Explorer Questionnaire prior to the session so that we do not waste time establishing the issue in the session.

We can then arrange a place, date, and time and we spend 2-3 hours together, where you can leave with fresh perspectives, original insight, a revitalised belief in new possibilities, and a renewed energy to live your life to the fullest.

Note: This is a Remote Online Call using Zoom or Skype

For further details and availability CONTACT ME

Important Note

There are no guarantees—As the client, you must provide energy and concentration in the session and be prepared to put in lots of effort to address any issues raised. You must be completely open to talking about your challenges and be prepared to make changes in how you think in order to achieve a difference or affect any change you require.

Please Note:

Booking any of The Gold Call Service indicates a sense of immediacy and dispenses with the need for the Free  Discovery Session which is a compatibility pre-cursor to enrolment onto the longer coaching programs.


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