Getting To Know Me


I know that when choosing the ‘right coach’ you are going to want to know what their mindset is; what experiences they have had in their professional and personal life? You’re going to want to know if there’s a synergy between you and if you feel you could work with them on a deep impactful level, and in a safe and private environment. That’s why I’ve written an open and honest bio to help you determine this.

In the following biography I merely wish to illustrate for anyone I work with that I understand hardship, and what it’s like to feel helpless and break through those limitations; I understand life on many levels, I fully comprehend human challenges, and I’ve developed the wisdom to know what it takes to overcome them and come out the other end as an improved person, achieving your desired outcomes, and I can work with you to do the same.

‘I create a nurturing, supportive environment in which my clients can attain sustainable growth, and ultimately success.  My clients realise their true potential and along the way enhance their knowledge, self-esteem, confidence, and pleasure; opening doors to previously inaccessible, and in many cases, unexpected heights.’

Paul Stretton-Stephens

Here’s my bio:

I enjoy being an expert coach with over twenty-five years coaching and teaching experience, and I work with a range of individuals from Entrepreneurs to Celebrities, from CEO’s to Military Personnel, and from Sporting Talent to Epic Adventurers, and I take them from where they are now to where they want to be–I help them achieve what otherwise would have been considered impossible. And for many, I help them become unstuck, fulfilled again, with a life full of purpose and joy.

My express wish in serving others is that the more people experience joy, fulfillment, and peace of mind in their lives by living their dreams, the better they will impact their families, professional life, communities, and the world.

‘I love working with people to help them be the best they can be.’

I’ve worked with people practically all of my adult life and when I say worked with them I mean I’ve either helped, coached or taught them in either sport, business, or life. I’ve worked with all ends of the spectrum of human life, the vulnerable, the fragile, the leaders and the successful, in a variety of settings. And with a profound interest in personal and professional development, I’ve continually honed my craft along the way learning from the likes of Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Stephen Covey, and Brian Tracey to name but a few.  In fact, I’ve heavily invested in terms of finance and an incredible amount of hours over the last 30 years into the personal and professional study of leadership, management, coaching, teaching, psychology, and personal development, so my work draws from a wide range of teachings and methodologies.

My coaching started just after I had left military service where I gained my Civil Service certification as a Physical Education Instructor. This intensive course enabled me to attain the following coaching qualifications:

Amateur Swimming Association Teachers Certificate

British Amateur Weightlifting Association Instructor

British Basketball Association Coach

British Canoe Union Supervisor

English Volleyball Association Coach

Rugby Union Preliminary Coach

British Amateur Gymnastics Coach

Control and Restraints Instructor

Basic Mountaineering Expedition Award Leader

The certification was followed by years of invaluable experience in coaching teams and individuals and copious amounts of continuous professional development. A back injury curtailed my career and redirection was necessary. And to say that this was not without great personal physical and psychological challenge is an understatement. However, with resilience, a positive attitude, and a track record of self-belief and values that would not permit me to throw in the towel, I adapted, overcame obstacles, and embarked upon a new career.

Without delay, I returned to education and attained a Higher National Diploma in Business and Marketing, A Degree in Business Management, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Post Compulsory Education and Training). I also became an NLP Practitioner, and I can honestly say I’ve put everything I’ve learned to good use, even the algebraic equations and the business French.

Since, that redirection in life I’ve been: divorced, happily remarried to a wonderful woman (for 21 years now), a company director twice, an executive coach (Purely Success Coaching), a board member of an international organization, a charitable trustee, a registered university lecturer, a leader in education, and a fiction writer. During which time I’ve taught and coached leadership, management, and public speaking to countless individuals.

I’ve also lived in Spain for eleven years and travelled extensively. I firmly believe that travel is good for the soul.

I left my last role with the biggest ever challenge of my life to confront. I’d developed an eye disease which resulted in a significant loss of sight and I couldn’t continue in the job I loved as a leader in education. I officially finished my work in the August of that year, and because I have a thirst for living life to the full, I registered as a self-employed author in November, writing fiction. I wasted no time and undertook further training and adaptation to use specific technologies such as speech to text and text to speech software. And whilst writing has its own challenges, it can often at times be a lonely, isolating pursuit, especially for someone like me who is a people person. So, after helping some friends, I decided to open up my coaching practice again, and haven’t looked back.

You see I’m passionate about working with people, especially those who are intent on making a difference to our world and I recognise that these extraordinary, successful people face challenges too. They may be powerful leaders, passionate individuals who thrive on success and vision, and yet they can still feel that the next stage in their life is a new, daunting, and seemingly insurmountable challenge; a giant leap. I work with these people to help them transform those feelings, qualities, and capabilities into beneficial future proof realities for their benefit, and the benefit of others.

Extraordinary, successful people in the world face challenges too.

Oh, and if you’re interested, here’s my ‘Alternative Bio’

  • I am NOT, repeat NOT a therapist!
  • I am a proud Veteran
  • Like many people, I get a little vexed when having to repeat the same story to the umpteenth customer service representative about the same issue.
  • I get miffed when parents are wearing sunglasses and their babies/children have NO protection in full sun.
  • I’m as crazy as the person standing next to me in a queue, I know that I’ve got my own hang-ups, I can be emotional, and yet, I’m just a normal guy who has functioned perfectly well, and enjoys life to the full.
  • I am indisputably happy and have been for many years – even after the setbacks that I’ve experienced.
  • I don’t swear – I just don’t see the point, period.
  • I love the beach so much that I live by one
  • Music excites me, especially Gypsy Jazz Guitar.
  • Theatre, specifically musicals take me to another dimension.
  • Sport, especially rugby and kayaking, set my heart pounding.
  • I genuinely love life and people; neither cease to amaze me.
  • I love seeing people succeed
  • I am an Optilosopher and if you want to know more about Optilosophy I would encourage you to contact me for a chat.

I’ve mentioned these biographical attributes to illustrate to you that I am just an ordinary guy with a lot of heart and many humanistic traits you’ll recognise and probably share. I just happen to work insightfully with high-performing pre-eminent people, be they leaders, visionaries, or leading lights their respective fields. My role is to help enable them to access the potential that often lies deep with them. Once accessed we can craft a way together which can allow them to move forward into previously untapped realms of possibilities.

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