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With Paul Stretton-Stephens

Paul Stretton-Stephens - Future Mindset Coach | Teacher | Futurist | Author | Speaker

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Paul is a thought-provoking speaker and thought leader who brings an experience of life that many would not even dream to encounter. His unique voice brings insight, perspective, foresight, and wisdom to those seeking answers. Paul uses his speaking opportunities to convey a deep message that the problems one encounters in life and business are surmountable. He can demonstrate that individuals are more capable, resilient, and courageous than they or others think. He skilfully translates his knowledge into practical solutions that reach out and apply to a wide-ranging demographic.

Paul’s keynotes currently include:

‘Adversity into Action’ – This is a deeply personal story of setback, recovery, life adaptation, resilience, and motivation in action.

The Space in The Glass – An inspiring talk that empowers the listener to realise their potential and recognise that potential in others.

The Future You (WIP)

Paul has a wealth of experience and, with notice, is able to adapt his talks to meet the needs of the host organisation.

Talk 1 – Adversity into Action

In this riveting conversation Paul, ‘the’ leading authority on ‘Adversity into Action’ speaks frankly about how he overcame losing his eyesight, the use of a leg and crippling pain.

How do we bounce – forward – after difficulty or challenge? What are some tools to develop one of the traits closely linked to success – resiliency? Paul is a Future Mindset Coach, Futurist, Author, and Speaker who brings perspective, wisdom, and insight to the difference-makers in the world. His belief is that the more people experience joy, fulfilment, and peace of mind in their lives, the better they
will positively impact their families, co-workers, communities, and the world.

Apart from having been medically retired twice, Paul is:

• A husband, a parent, and grandparent

• A military veteran

• A former Physical Education Instructor and a Secondary Headteacher

• Currently registered blind

• Still serving others, only in a different way these days

This is a deeply personal story of setback, recovery, life adaptation, resilience, and motivation in action. Paul’s heartfelt story enables the listeners to better understand the mindset of resilience and unshakable determination that human beings are capable of. It also allows the listener to recognise that choice is personal and that every action and reaction is a lesson in life that you get to choose.

In the business context this talk, Adversity into Action’ facilitates learning in terms of:

  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Creativity
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Self-awareness and self-motivation
  • Transferable skills & upskilling
  • Continuous life-long learning
  • Employee durability
  • Critical thinking
  • Complex problem solving
  • People management
  • Judgement and decision making

Contact Paul to inquire as to his availability.

Talk 2 – The Space in the Glass

In this insightful talk, Paul refers to how many people see the glass either half full or half empty, whereas he, as a Future Mindset Coach, is looking to work with his clients in the space between the waterline and the brim of the glass, and beyond. He’s looking to help them develop their full potential. Paul discusses some of the concepts and methodologies that he employs in his unique Future Mindset Coaching.

This inspiring talk empowers listeners to explore fresh perspectives, recognise personal insights and understand that where they are is their choice in life and that if they want to play BIGGER than they are, they can, only they’re going need to think and act differently.

The bonus of this talk is that the listeners will achieve an understanding of the concept of ‘Personal

In the business context this talk, ‘Space in the Glass’ facilitates learning in terms of:

  • Empowering Cognitive Flexibility
  • Igniting Creativity
  • Creating Highly Cohesive Teams
  • Employee Identity
  • Employee Worth
  • Delegation Management
  • People Management
  • Values & Vision Alignment
  • Organisational Futuring
  • Judgment and decision making

Contact Paul to inquire as to his availability.

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