Remote Future Mindset Coaching

Remote Future Mindset Coaching

Video and Telephone

Efficient, Effective, and Productive

Over the years I’ve become a specialist at coaching individuals and groups remotely and there is no doubt that telephone and video coaching is:

Efficient, Effective, and Productive

I started telephone coaching many years ago with clients who were out of my geography, were time poor, or both. It proved so effective (as effective as face-to-face coaching) that all of my practice is now taken up with a range of virtual coaching programs via various technologies. It means that I can serve difference-makers like you wherever you are in the world.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits for you:

Not the closest, but the BEST Coach for you

  • You get to choose, not the closest coach, but the BEST coach to suit your needs and you’re not restricted by geography. The chances you and your ideal coach will be within a reasonable travel distance are low. With telephone or Skype coaching, you will be able to work with me from virtually anywhere on the planet. Plus, the method eliminates the necessity of travel expenses for both you and me.


  • You can be more flexible in the timing of your coaching sessions. I understand that you may have a very busy schedule and you may only be available on evenings and early mornings, so a call at breakfast or in the evening can be highly advantageous. If you don’t have time for a session during the working day, or would rather be coached out of the office, telephone coaching or Skype coaching is ideal for you. And, it’s much easier to fit into your diary if you travel or attend many meetings.


  • Remote coaching is very convenient, it has a global reach, and it’s great for you if you travel. It’s convenient, it requires no venue, and because there’s no travel time for you or me, neither of us will have to overcome the exasperation or the delays that travelling can sometimes bring about. You will be able to receive your coaching in any quiet location where you can concentrate as long as you have a phone (or a laptop and internet connection for Skype).

 A Happy Medium for You

  • I understand that you may be familiar with one or more channels of communication than others and I’m happy to use a range of channels to suit your needs. I currently work via the telephone, Skype, Facetime, and Zoom with email and Google docs support.


  • Telephone/Skype Coaching provides a focused conversation. Without visual distractions, both you and I will be able to ‘hear’ the conversation in a much deeper way.


  • Evidence suggests that people are more open to disclose personal information virtually than in-person. Because, if you’re on the telephone, you’re being heard and not seen, you may feel more comfortable discussing your problems. People are usually more open to share certain things over the phone versus in person.
How it Works

I’m based in Devon, UK. However, with today’s technology geography is unimportant.

 What is important is to get the ‘right coach’ rather than the closest.

All my confidential coaching programs are ‘tailored’ according to your needs, and are planned with you.

My clients work with me for either 3 or 6 months at a time.

(If you require something different, let’s talk)

A Program consists of:

Client led coaching sessions of 90 minutes duration over Zoom, Skype, or the telephone

Coaching sessions are every two weeks with self-directed work in between sessions

Support from me via email, Google docs, messenger, or a video or telephone call if needed

An agreed number of ‘Accountability Check-in Calls’  are available for accountability and those times when you just need a listening ear or have a question about your agreed tasks.

With my remote Future Mindset Coaching:

We’ll explore your ‘real’ dreams, take them further than you thought possible, and set to creating real possibilities out of them.

I’ll listen to you profoundly and work with you deeply. I’ll guide you through the process of interrupting and removing any unwanted habits, patterns, or fears paving the way for the creation of new outcomes, thoughts, and behaviours.

We’ll also tackle any mental blocks or setbacks that may be preventing you from moving forward towards your desired outcomes.

And, we’ll work according to your pace, needs, and desires.

Accordingly, you will begin to create the desired outcomes for your future.

The commitment required by you:

Quiet, uninterrupted time for the coaching sessions.

Turn up on time and ready to work in all coaching sessions.

Time set aside for focused work in between sessions.

A minimum financial investment of £3,300 (valid for 2021)

A 10% discount is available to Veterans & Students

(Payment is upfront and in full)

You must be prepared to invest more than money in this opportunity.

You must also invest your energy, your time, and your dedication in creating something so highly powerful in your life that it will have a significant and lasting impact on your world, and those around you.

If you are interested in me coaching you, I’m willing to set aside a

2-hour Discovery Coaching Session for you at zero cost.

Please note: This is an actual coaching session for you, not a sales pitch.

During this session, we’ll have a deep and impactful coaching conversation where I will work with you as you discover the possibilities in your life and work towards those.

This no-obligation, no hard sell session also provides both of us with the opportunity to see if we are a good match to work together. If I don’t think that we are a good match, I will tell you.

Book your Discovery Coaching Session Today!

What is a Discovery Session?

WARNING: Deep Impact Coaching is seriously powerful and can change your life forever. Are you ready for this?

Let’s talk when you’re ready to transform your life

My Clients Create Powerful Results

Case 1

Carla, a senior manager based in the USA, was a morning person and preferred her coaching early. We worked out a 6-month program for her Breakfast Coaching whereby she would receive one hour of coaching every week for three weeks and then one-weekend morning session of 3 hours once per month. This suited Carla who was taking stock of her life and preparing for the future. She’s now chosen to work for herself in a new venture and has achieved the life/work balance she was seeking.

Case 2

Being a performer Mitch travelled extensively. He wasn’t able to be in one place long enough for face-to-face coaching so telephone coaching suited his lifestyle perfectly. We connected with a 90-minute call every two weeks and worked through his career transition issues. Mitch has since transferred his skills and attributes and attained a more static senior post in a production company.

Case 3

The competition was high and somewhere along the line Claire’s motivation had taken a knock and she couldn’t fathom why. Her sports coach continued to work with her in her discipline on the technical aspects of her sport and had tried to help Claire develop her mindset. She had all the hallmarks of a champion and her coach was running out of ideas. We worked deeply together via a mix of Skype video and telephone conversations to determine the cause for the dip in Claire’s motivation. Upon discovering the cause, we worked on a program of profound change and created a pathway to success for her. We also spent valuable time discerning her dreams and I’m pleased to say that Claire is now happily competing once again.

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