Future Leader Mindset Program – Summer 2020

This program is designed for those who are in or seeking a leadership position for the first time. It is ideal for those working in medium to large enterprises or for small business owners who lead others.

I understand that it can be exciting yet daunting to be promoted into a leadership role, be taken on in a position where you are a leader, or to have developed your business to a point where you are now the leader. And in each case, you have to learn to develop a Leader Mindset.

This program designed to help you settle into the role and make it your own within the parameters of your organisation. You get to choose what type of leader you want to be. And there are a few considerations in the leadership role that you might want to consider, not least your:


  • Leadership Style
  • Effective Communication Strategies
  • Super Active Listening
  • Reputation Management
  • Visibility Balance
  • Delegation Strategies
  • Productivity Planning
  • Attraction and Retention Magnet
  • Individuals in the organisation
  • Understanding Team
  • Mentor Selection
  • Life/Work Balance

The 3-month
Future Leader Mindset Program

A Free, no-obligation actual Coaching Session to establish if there is a good fit between us to work together.

Please book a Discovery Call Quoting (SPRINGFLMP)

• 12 x Weekly Zoom/Skype Coaching Sessions (1 hour)

• Leadership homework in between sessions

• Messaging facility between calls

• 10 Coaching First Aid Calls (CFACs) (up to 30
minutes per call)

• Motivational Text Messaging (optional)

Please note that places are limited to 5 (FIVE) people only!

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