What is a Discovery Session?


the start of your coaching journey

This two-hour Discovery Session is the ideal place to start your coaching journey. It is an actual coaching session, not a sales pitch.

During this session, we’ll have a deep and impactful coaching conversation where we’ll explore who you are, your values, skills and what motivates you, and I will work deeply with you as you discover the possibilities in your life and help you work towards those.

What Potential Clients Often Experience

The session can activate your passion, help you define your ideal life and begin to move you into a confidence zone where you can start to plan the career, business or change you long for.

By the end of the session, you’ll gain a profound sense of purpose, clarity of thought, and the impetus pursue your aspirations for sustainable change.

This no obligation, no hard sell session also provides both of us with the opportunity to see if we are a good match to work together. If I don’t think we are a good match, I will tell you.

It includes:

2 x questionnaires to be completed and sent to me before the session. (A skills inventory and a life/ career assessment questionnaire)

2 hours of coaching on skype/telephone.

Apply for a Discovery Session Today!
Apply for a Discovery Session Today!
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