Who I work with

“Yesterday’s mindset has given you what you’ve got.

Crafting a Future Mindset will get you what you want.”

– Paul Stretton-Stephens

The chances are that you’re reading this because you’ve heard about me via a friend, relative or colleague. Whatever the case, welcome. You see, I only work with two types of clients, those that inspire me and I invite to work with me, and those referred to me by friends, relatives or colleagues.

I work with people who are passionate in their work, life, and play. Many are leaders from the business, entertainment, and sports worlds, whilst others may be politicians, housewives, coaches, or from the military. Whatever world my clients come from they are often successful, yet something may elude them, or they’re trying to achieve more and are not quite there… yet, and almost always, they have dreams they want to fulfil. And to work with me, they must be prepared to take massive action and move forward to the next level in their professional and or personal lives.

To be up front, I ought to mention that my Future Miondset Coaching is not for everyone. I only work with a few people each year and they need to be ready to move forward and never look back; they are people who recognise that they don’t know everything and are open and flexible to new possibilities. Some of my clients may lack confidence in some areas of their life, but I’m an expert at identifying human potential and as long as their kind, respectful and coachable there’s a good chance we can work together to discover stellar solutions.

My clients understand that having the ‘right coach’, regardless of geography is the fastest way to achieve the results they desire and they will work in alliance with me as their coach.

I work with people are willing to invest in themselves and the possibilities of their dreams. They must have a strong sense of what they can achieve and be naturally willing to act on insights, marvels, and wonders that arise from our work together.

My clients are people who are not only invested financially but are also committed in terms of time and energy. They must be prepared to dig deep and face their fears, whilst other times they may laugh until they cry.

I understand that many of my clients are at the top of their game and may be surrounded by people who are there to please them. As your coach, I’ll be there for you. I’ll listen to you, to your every word, and always say it like it is without holding back, and I’ll challenge you like no one else. It wouldn’t help you for me to flower things up for you, would it? I also demand commitment and accept no excuses when working together. I am here to serve you and help you move to your next level, that’s my job. I would like to reiterate, that if you want me to work with you in the capacity as your coach, I am a passionate coach whose focus is upon you, my client and I am genuinely there to serve you in a respectful, professional manner as best as I can for you to achieve the best you can be.

And when working with me you can be assured of discretion and confidentiality.

 ‘Let Your Dreams be BIGGER Than Your Fears’

My Mission

I want to leave the world a more interesting place for me having been here, and I want to create partnerships with high-achievers who also want to create a legacy that will make a difference in the world. Are you one of those people?

Does this sound like something you would want to explore further? If so, why not apply to have a powerful conversation in a Discovery Session with me to see if we can work together and create the life, work, and play you’ve dreamed of?

To discover if we’re a good fit, contact me whenever you are ready.

‘Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.’

            Albert Sent- Gyorgyi

I don’t work with people who:

Need therapy. I am not a therapist

Are indecisive about change

Are unfeeling

Don’t take responsibility for their own actions

Are unwilling or unable to be fully engaged in each and every session

Are cynical, whinge, and pass blame to others

Are not prepared to commit the time energy and resources required

Think that I alone can change their life

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