Your Best Future Group Coaching Program

Group Coaching with Paul Stretton-Stephens, Future Mindset Coach

Welcome to the Your Best Future Online Group Coaching Program.

How it works

The Your Best Future Coaching Program lasts for 3-months with a

Minimum of 3 persons, and a Maximum of 6 persons thus ensuring you get the maximum benefit from the program

The program consists of:

6 x Live Group Coaching Calls (Zoom) 90-minute sessions

2 x individual 1:1 60-minute coaching sessions

3 x Self-Integration Weeks

Integration Weeks

Self-coaching is built into the program. where you will have a week without a call to integrate what you’ve been learning. This will allow the time needed to go deeper into your projects and direct yourself. It’s great to have a group to hold you to it, AND it’s important to be able to do it on your own. We all need some downtime and these weeks are an opportunity to achieve that while consolidating previous learning and taking time to complete tasks. It’s a time to slow down and recharge your batteries. These weeks are fully supported via email, messenger, Google docs, and the telephone if needed.

Private group hub on Facebook

This provides a safe environment for the group where we will stay connected throughout the week. It’s a valuable and powerful space to have fun, to work, support, share, and hold each other to account. It’s a place to share our insights, ask questions, and keep the energy flowing between our calls.

Email access as and when you need it

Whenever you need extra support, inspiration, or just have questions I am available via email.

One-on-one ‘Deep Impact’ coaching on demand

Maybe you’re stuck in your project, on a task, or you’re hesitant about your next move, fear not it’s perfectly normal to feel this way at times. If there is something preventing you from moving forward and you need a little one-on-one time, no problem, we can schedule a Zoom call for some private coaching, it’s all part of the program. After all, we’re all members of the group in partnership with one another and we all want to support one another in achieving Your Best Future.

What You Can Expect

I’ll work deeply with you in a group setting and in our 1:1sessions. We’ll work on your vision and outline the strategy to achieve it. I’ll guide you through the process of interrupting and removing any unwanted habits and patterns paving the way for the creation of new outcomes, thoughts, and behaviours.

We’ll also tackle any mental blocks or setbacks that may be preventing you from moving forward towards your desired outcomes.

Be under no illusion. In both the group and 1:1 coaching, you will be challenged without any sugar coating, you will be inspired by those around you, and I’m pretty sure that you will experience being uncomfortable being uncomfortable. However, your mind will be opened to new perspectives and possibilities from which you can take ACTION to craft Your Best Future.

Weekly Reflection

Each week you will send a report sketching out your week’s wins and losses. You’ll provide detail of happenings including any risks you’ve taken or not taken. I’d also love to know where you’ve spectacularly failed, and what you’ve learned from the experience(s). You can also tell me what your challenges have been and continue to be, and what your relentless focus will be for the following week. The weekly reflection will take a different form throughout the program and are a very important part of your self-coaching.

Accordingly, you will begin to create the desired outcomes for your compelling future with support from me as your coach and your fellow program members.

And of course, confidentiality is assured.

The commitment required by you:

Quiet, uninterrupted time for the coaching sessions.

Time set aside for focused work in between sessions.

Energy and dedication from you.

The financial investment for group coaching is significantly cheaper

than 1:1 coaching

Your investment for this program is £799.00

Payment is upfront and in full

A 10% Veteran & Student Discount is available (subject to approval)

How To Book Your Place

My clients come from across the world, and all sessions are via online video calls.

If you would like to apply to join the waiting list, I’m willing to set aside for you a one- hour discovery coaching call at zero cost (subject to the pre-qualifying questionnaire). Just select a date and time to suit you from my calendar below.

Please note: This is an actual coaching session for you, not a sales pitch.

During this session, we’ll have a deep and impactful coaching conversation where I will work with you as you discover the possibilities in your life and work towards those.

This no-obligation, no hard sell session also provides both of us with the opportunity to see if we are a good match to work together in the group setting and that you match the group dynamics.

Group dynamics are important for all and if I feel that you would be better suited to a different group of mine, I will tell you once I have considered all applicants.

If I don’t think that we are a good match, I will also tell you once I have considered all applicants.

WARNING: Coaching is seriously powerful and can significantly impact your world, beyond your wildest dreams. Are you ready for this?





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